Human Centric Insights

As a successful business or burgeoning startup, we know you’re good at understanding data.

At Sike we empower your leadership by helping you understand your people, in order to create a happier, more productive workplace environment.

What We Do

Sike’s bleeding-edge deep-learning models use text as the sole input in order to understand human psychology and provide personalized actionable insights.

We’re combining the best in machine learning technology with the latest psychological research that we’re conducting with professors and PhDs at some of the world’s leading universities.

Our ‘people analytics’ help you better understand the internal and external stakeholders in order to drive more informed decision-making that is optimized for maximum impact.

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What We Help With

  • Finding the right person for a particular role
  • Guiding existing employees to available roles within the company that would be the best fit for them
  • Putting together a strong team that gets work done optimally
  • Maximizing employee efficiency, growth and satisfaction

Our Team


Siddharth Pandiya



John Bell


John Dang

Deep Learning Engineer

Arjun Subramonian

Deep Learning Engineer

Rohan Chitale

Backend Engineer

Ben Limpanukorn

Backend Engineer

Arnav Garg

Full-Stack Engineer

Pranav Singh

Natural Language Processing Engineer


Corine Tan

Marketing Lead

Andrew Zhou

Designer/Front-End Engineer

ucla cornell


Jorge Fuentes

Technical Advisor

Alex Rosen

Strategic Advisor

Ben Sangree

Business Advisor

Schafer Newman

Business Advisor


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