Better Relationships

for Remote Teams.

Personalized insights powered by AI.
Learn about your team’s work styles.

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Daniel likes to lead conversations.
Daniel is good at taking criticism.
Daniel likes positivity.

Build a tighter team.

Insights tailored to every relationship on your team.

Stay on the same page.

Recommendations when and where you need them.

Receive the right guidance.

Tips for feedback and phrasing to build trust and growth.

Discover our feature-rich integration.

1. Learn personality effortlessly.

Our AI processes messaging patterns in public Slack channels and our onboarding questionnaire.

2. Learn more about your coworkers.

Make use of Kona's commands to prepare for that big upcoming meeting.

3. Quick, automatic insights.

Got a team meeting coming up? We integrate with Google Calendar to deliver insights on invitees so you can prepare.

Accomplish more

with every message.

Remote teams use Kona to communicate with their teams more effectively. Make the most of interactions with automated insights and Kona commands.

Suggested commands:

/kona-communicate @[name]
Get your point across in a way that matches
their style of communication.

/kona-resolve-conflict @[name]
Work through miscommunication by
understanding how the other party thinks.

/kona-give-feedback @[name]
Offer the best feedback according to their
motivation and needs.

How does it work?

1. Fill out our insightful questions

First, we ask a handful of questions to your team.

2. Behind-the-scenes magic...

Then, we analyze your Slack workspace with AI magic.

3. Powerful insights via Slack!

Finally, we create powerful insights for your entire team.

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Who are we?

We’re Sike Insights, a team of UCLA students housed at the Venture Accelerator at UCLA Anderson. We combine psychology research and cutting-edge machine learning to help remote teammates communicate better.

Sid Pandiya

Engineering/Product Lead

Corine Tan

Business/Marketing Lead

Andrew Zhou

Design/Product Lead

Alex Rosen

Head of Thought
Leadership at GoDaddy

Jorge Fuentes

Technical Advisor
Co-founder at Modulo
(YC W2020)

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