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Self-reflective questions.

Effortless Setup.

We’ll do the work for you.
Get accurate personality readings and insights—with little to no effort.

How do we get the data?
Our AI processes messaging patterns in public Slack channels and our onboarding questionnaire.

What do I have to do?
Pretty much... nothing! Add the bot to your Slack workspace and have your team answer the initial questions.

What type of questions do you ask?
We send out questions on communication style and work habits to add a personalized touch to our readings.

Accomplish more

with every message.

Remote teams use Kona to communicate with their teams more effectively. Make the most of interactions with automated insights and Kona commands.

Suggested commands:

/kona-communicate @[name]
Get your point across in a way that matches
their style of communication.

/kona-resolve-conflict @[name]
Work through miscommunication by
understanding how the other party thinks.

/kona-give-feedback @[name]
Offer the best feedback according to their
motivation and needs.

Automatic Insights.

Introducing Google Calendar integration.
Got a team meeting coming up? We integrate with Google Calendar to deliver insights on invitees so you can prepare.

Context-based insights for Slack.
Get private, well-timed insights during key moments in Slack conversations. Improve communication and work through misunderstanding with less friction.

Ask Kona with commands.
Need insights on-command? Ask Kona for info on meeting times, feedback, stressors, and more before your call.

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